Trio of Salmon Terrine

Dinner Snack

600g good quality smoked salmon
250g crème fraiche
500g cream cheese
Zest 1 lime
25g wasabi paste
200g hot smoked salmon
200g poached salmon
12 gherkins, cut into small rounds
Tbs each dill and chives

Serve with melba toast and more pickles

  1. Line a 1.25ltr loaf tin with clingfilm
  2. Now do the same with the smoked salmon (any left over, chop into the filling)
  3. Filling – simply beat it all together by hand, except the gherkins
  4. Spoon half into the tin. Then the gherkins, then the rest
  5. Wrap over the salmon. Then the clingfilm
  6. Put a weight on top. Chill overnight
  7. Serve slices with melba toast and pickles

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