Serves: 4 -6

Prep Time: 20 mins

Cooking Time: 45 mins




4 x sweet potatoes cut into wedges

100ml oil

Tbs chilli powder

Tbs dried thyme

Tbs sea salt

Tbs maple


Topping – 6 x chopped sp onions

1 sliced red onion

400g tin sweetcorn, drained

250g cubed smoked tofu

75g black beans (drained and rinsed)


Sauce – 200ml yellow mustard

100ml maple

100ml cider vinegar

100g brown sugar

Tsp garlic powder

30ml hot sauce


3 avos, crushed with juice n zest of 2 limes


Chopped coriander


100g vegan mayo mixed with juice 1 lime


Sliced jalapenos



  1. Toss 4 x sweet potatoes cut into wedges in 1tbs maple, 100ml oil, 1tbs chilli powder, 1tbs dried thyme and 1tbs sea salt. Lay on a lined roasting tin and roast at 200c for approximately 30-45 minutes until soft and charred.
  2. Fry 6 x chopped spring onions, 1 sliced red onion and 400g tin sweetcorn, drained for 5 minutes over high heat.
  3. Add 250g cubed smoked tofu and 1 tin of drained black beans, drained and rinsed.
  4. Blend together 200ml yellow mustard, 100ml maple, 100ml cider vinegar, 100g brown sugar, 1tsp garlic powder and 30ml hot sauce. Then add this to the pan, cook for 4 minutes.
  5. Spoon on top 3 avocados, crushed with the juice and zest of 2 limes and some chopped coriander. And spoon on 100g vegan mayo mixed with juice 1 lime and some sliced jalapenos and probably more hot sauce!

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