1 head cauli, cut into florets (not too small)

50ml oil

200g yoghurt

60g madras curry paste

Zest and juice 1 lemon


Pickle – 225g sugar

225g water

225ml w w vinegar



Salad – head fennel

Red onion

1 apple

25g edamame beans

1 cucumber, deseeded, cut into half moons

Tsp chilli flakes

Handful chopped coriander and mint


Raita – 150ml yoghurt

25g mint sauce

15ml w w vinegar

Handful chopped mint


2 x warm naan or similar flat breads to serve on


60g mango chutney



  1. Mix the yog, lemon, paste, oil.
  2. Put the cauli in a bowl, add the marinade. Cover and leave for min 20mins
  3. Transfer to a lightly oiled baking tray and roast at 200c for approx. 30mins. Be brave and let it really charr – turn only once
  4. Pickle – boil for 5mins,season well. Cool completely
  5. Finely slice the fennel and onion very thinly
  6. Cut the apple into thin slices (unpeeled)
  7. Put everything in the cooled pickle, leave for 20mins and add the herbs
  8. Raita – mix well
  9. To serve – warm the breads, spread some mango chutney on top
  10. Now add a good handful of the salad
  11. Top with cauli and a drizzle of raita

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