Deep Fried Honeyed Prawns

Dinner Snack


12 king prawns, tail on, deveined

Marinade – 25mm piece ginger, grated
2 cloves crushed garlic
50ml honey
150ml buttermilk

75g each of plain and corn flour, mixed with tsp chilli flakes, tsp celery salt, tsp turmeric, tsp cumin

dipping sauce – 200ml buttermilk
small bunch chives
handful mint
zest 1 lemon

honey and sesame seeds to garnish

  1. Put the prawns in a sealable bag with the marinade. Leave for 20mins min
  2. Dip into the flour mix and deep fry for 3-4mins
  3. Drain and sprinkle on sesame seeds
  4. Dip – mix
  5. Serve the prawns drizzled with more honey and dip into the sauce

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