Serves: 4

Prep Time: 30mins

Cooking Time: 40 mins



3 aubergines, cut into 10-15mm rounds

Oil to griddle


Sauce – 1 sliced onion

3 cloves garlic

1 Tbs smoked paprika

1 Tsp chilli flakes

1 tin chopped toms

Approx. 15 halved cherry tomatoes

200ml vegetable stock

Zest 1 lemon

2 tsp each dried basil, oregano, marjoram

100ml olive oil


200g ricotta, drained

250g smoked scarmorze – grated



  1. Oil and season the 3 aubergines. Griddle for 3mins on each side.
  2. For the sauce – Gently fry 1 sliced onion and 3 cloves of garlic for 8mins until soft and starting to caramelize.
  3. Add 1 tbs of smoked paprika, 1 tsp of chilli flakes, 1 tin of chopped tomatoes, 15 halved cherry tomatoes, 200ml of vegetable stock, the zest of 1 lemon, 2 tsp of dried basil, oregano and marjoram and 100ml of olive oil. Bring to the boil and simmer 20mins.
  4. Add the oil
  5. Put a small amount of the sauce in the bottom of a baking dish, then add the a quarter of the aubergines and a few ricotta ‘blobs’.
  6. Repeat this process by layering the sauce, aubergines and ricotta until all gone.
  7. Finish the top of the aubergine pie with 250g of smoked scarmorze, grated.
  8. Bake at 200c for approx. 15min to melt the cheese.
  9. Serve with garlic bread.

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